General Sales Conditions


General Sales Conditions, version 1.1, June 11th 2018


We invite you to read the following General Sales Conditions, applicable to advertisers at


Payment process


The advertiser should select one of the following categories: RENT / BUY / FURNISH.


When the user creates an ad for the first time


The minimum required to submit an ad is to choose from one of the categories mentioned above.


It is also possible to add options.


Each of these options is validated only if the user pays the cost.


For the ad to get an active status and be visible on the site, the user must pay for this publication at least once. As long as the payment is not made (and the user only backs up their information), the ad will have a "draft" status.


A checkbox at the bottom of the page allows you to specify whether the user wants to renew the payment automatically after 1 week or not. The renewal will take into account the base price (RENT / SELL / FURNISH) as well as any other options that have been added.

Changing your ad options


At any time, it is possible to change the ad options (it is not possible to change an advertisement from RENT to SELL or FURNISH and vice versa).

The options that appear as checked when you return to the ad change page are the currently active options (and therefore for which a payment was made), until the renewal of the ad is canceled, whether the ad is disabled, or the option itself is disabled.


Adding an option is billable immediately. But the option will only be billed based on the number of days remaining until the end or the renewal of the ad.

For example :

An ad was paid Monday, and paid again the following Monday.

On Wednesday, I want to add an option that costs $7. I will pay $5 (for the remaining 5 days).

Disabling an option is not refundable. The effect is immediate.


Depending on the status of the ad, the user may have to pay the base price again for the ad in the following cases: if the ad has expired, and the user has not requested automatic renewal of the ad OR that they had deactivated their ad and the 7 days have elapsed, if they wish to publish their ad again, they will have to go through the modification page of the ad, choose the options that they want to add if that is the case, and go through the payment process again.


When the user change their options, if they choose to delete but not add options, then they will not have to go through the payment process again.

The removal of options will be immediate when the user clicks on the confirmation button.


Saving credit card information


At any time, the user can delete their credit card information stored in their account by going to the tab "My bank details" found on their personal profile.

If they remove their banking information while ads are automatically renewable, as soon as the renewal attempt is in progress and fails, the status of the ad will be changed to expired mode, and the renewal automatically will be disabled.


Social networks


In order to promote its advertisers' real estate and furniture listings, Monap Inc. promotes ads on four different platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as Pinterest. Monap Inc. freely chooses the images to share of the properties announced on the website according to various criteria, in particular and mainly the aesthetics of the photographs published by the advertiser, as well as the seasonal needs of the customers. Announcing on the website operated by Monap Inc. in no way binds Monap Inc. to promote the ads on the social networks previously mentioned, and such promotions are made at its sole discretion. The advertiser on the website authorizes Monap Inc. to share the photos of the properties it advertises on the accounts operated by Monap Inc. on these various social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.



If you have any questions regarding the payment process, you can write to us at